Walking throughout the year, each season it’s finary. From this rural village leave roads in all directions over the territory of the municipality. It consists of 12 villages and all villages are interconnected through nicely marked and peaceful walks.

Thanks to the clear water of the streams, which the steep slopes impressive splashing reach the deep valleys, the region has been named ‘name’s little Switzerland’. More than 400 kilometers of marked hiking trails take you to the most remote scenic spots.

In season (from June 21 to September 21) there on the Semois, at the height of Laforet built an additional pedestrian bridge. It is made of wicker willow trees. It is an ancient tradition that goes back to the time when tobacco was grown in the valley of the Semois. The bridge offers hikers the opportunity to shorten routes and extend and it is a special experience to walk over the bridge.

The tourist and cultural richness of the town is reflected in its villages which kept their traditions, folklore and gastronomy loyalty and offer their local pride.


If there is an adequate flow of water in the Semois, a trip can be made with a kakjak.

Semois is one of the most pristine rivers in the Ardennes.

On the banks of the, parallel at the Belgian-French border flowing Semois, there are no polluting industries, nor busy tourist sites.
The river flows through a steep hill landscape of woods and meadows.

What meander concerned, the Semois champion of Belgium: it is 175 kilometers long as the crow flies between source and mouth is just 70 kilometers.

Trout Fishing

In the immediate vicinity there are several trout ponds where you can fish without a license. Fishing in the Semois requires a permit, which is for sale at the Fish shop in Vresse.

The season is open from 1 May to 1 November.

Cross Country Skiing

Did you know that there are several small cross-country ski areas in the winter near B & B Theo Lognard?

These have not yet been discovered by the masses, there are opportunities in the surrounding villages to rent cross-country skis for some days to explore the area. Condition is of course that there is enough snow has fallen and this you never know far in advance!

Horse riding

There are several riding schools in Vresse sur Semois which make it possible to make beautiful tours on horseback through the Ardennes.

What’s more exciting than hearing the sound of Jay during a horseback ride, admire the flora and gentle breezes, staring at the clouds, the mystical atmosphere of the forest you record.

There is an equestrian center that specializes in Camargue horses.

Motorcycle Trips

In the immediate and wider area of B &B Theo Lognard there are many opportunities to tour with the motor.

Many visitors to our hostel are very excited about the area. France is less than 10 kilometers away.
And within a radius of 100 kilometers, are you in Luxembourg and Germany.
But if you stay in the immediate area, you can discover many small and beautiful winding roads of the Ardennes.

Trail Running

Trail Running is running on dirt paths. It is not so much about speed and records, but rather running through nature.

The last yearTrail Running has been incredibly popular in the Benelux. Trail Runners are not afraid of rain or mud.
Trailrunroutes distinguishes themselves from hiking trails because trailrunroutes are slightly longer (typically 20-35 km) and they try to avoid asphalt as much as possible.

More and more runners go on their own nature, with the GPS.
B & B Theo Lognard has devised trail run routes and they are available to our guests.

You can also use a special trailrun arrangement. If you are interested, ask for it!